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LEED Platinum Green Building certification vulcan mineral scaling descaler

blog heading iconPlatinum Green Building Certification from LEED

Energy Complex has been awarded the highest level of Platinum Green Building Certification from LEED (Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design) for energy conservation, harmonious coexistence of industry and the environment and optimal utilization of resources.

power plant mineral scaling descaler

blog heading iconPower plant heat pump station and the Vulcan X-Pro series

Vulcan X-Pro series electronic mineral descalers were installed in a thermal power plant heat pump station to prevent the scale from reducing the heat exchange efficiency.

confort inn logo

blog heading iconVulcan descaling saves thousands for a hotel owner in Moriarty, New Mexico

Anyone familiar with Moriarty knows that the water here is awful. We battle with water hardness like no other place I know. Our hotel had been spending thousands of dollars installing water softeners and going through excessive amounts of salt and descaler to try to keep up. This would manifest itself in calcium buildup in our kitchen and bathroom fixtures, our ice machine, and our pool. We installed the Vulcan S100 and the Vulcan 5000 on your pool and the transformation at our facility has been nothing short of astounding.

Vulcan removes scale from heating station pipes

blog heading iconVulcan electronic impulse technology removes scale from heating stations

This installation was a government project and before the Vulcan descalers were installed it took a great deal of effort and expense to clean the heat exchangers. The Vulcan system has already proven its effectiveness since it has greatly prolonged the cleaning intervals. This government contract has reported they are very satisfied with the results.

vulcan descaler remove calcium scale build up

blog heading iconThe Vulcan has been a worthwhile purchase

About three weeks after installation, in early January, I heard water running outside. I went to the back of my home and discovered the outside faucet there running at full stream. This faucet did not work at all and now it was running at or near full flow. All because of Vulcan. Just 2 months after installing the Vulcan, I went to take a shower and I noticed the faucet was completely free of calcium and operating like new.

Cooling Tower Cost Savings with Vulcan 2

blog heading iconCooling Tower- Cost Savings and Physical Water Treatment with Vulcan

Under 1 year, with Vulcan treatment is already less costy than full chemical treatment

Riverview Hospital hard water scale free

blog heading iconRiverview Hospital

Used in the pool's main skimmer line and the main pool line

Alcoa Aluminum Factory electronic water descaler

blog heading iconAlcoa Aluminum Factory

The world's leading producer of primary and fabricated aluminum, as well as the world's largest miner of bauxite and refiner of alumina. Their facilities in France produce technologically advanced products that include aluminum sheets and plates, aluminum architectural products and systems, fasteners and fastener installation systems, structural castings, turbine engine components and aircraft frame components.

Sredzki Water Park electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconŚredzki Water Park

The water treatment system Vulcan S25 protects the entire water supply network and all the heating devices of the pools of the Średzki Water Park. The costs of normal treatment products with such a water flow of 25 m3/h would mean operating costs at € 3,900 per month (assuming 24 working per hour)! The cost of running the Vulcan S25 device is approx. € 1,50 per month.

Mondi Packaging Factory treat hard water scale

blog heading iconMondi Packaging Factory

It has now been 4 months since installation of the Vulcan S100, and the scale problem have reduced significantly. Now the pipes and production equipment require much less cleaning. We are very satisfied with the performance of the Vulcan S100 Unit.

Hartwall Ice Hockey Arena treat hard water descaler

blog heading iconHartwall Ice Hockey Arena

We use the Vulcan (5000, S25, S100) for several heating/ cooling equipment in our water system at the Hartwall Arena ice hockey hall.

Meridian Spa remove hardwater scale from water

blog heading iconMeridian Spa

The Meridian Spa uses the Vulcan S250 on their main water pipes to treat the water for the Pool and Spa area

Apartment Building japan electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconApartment Building- Japan

The Vulcan S25 has been installed on the roof of an apartment building in Tokyo, built 20 years ago with 46 apartments.

Royalton Punta Resort hard water descaler

blog heading iconRoyalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino

A 1,000 room resort located on the beachfront in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Two Vulcan S500 were installed on the main input pipe in order to combat scale build up and increase efficiency of the three cooling towers. A Vulcan S100 is also installed on the resorts main hot water system, in order to remove and prevent scale build up in the heaters/boilers, which provide hot water throughout the entire resort and casino.

K P Zimmermann Dairy Production hardwater descaler

blog heading iconK & P Zimmermann Cheese Dairy Production

One month after the installation of Vulcan S25, we made a test with a rusty nail. After two weeks the nail was clean. For us Vulcan is the easy solution against scale and rust and keeps our piping system and appliances clean. We need less maintenance and save money with it.

Grand Traverse Distillery uses hardwater descaler

blog heading iconGrand Traverse Distillery

Scale deposits removed after installing the Vulcan 3000

Bigard Meat Factory uses hard water descaler

blog heading iconBigard Meat Factory

Before installing the Vulcan unit, the scanning machine could not read barcodes due to scale incrustations. Now after installed Vulcan, the machine is able to read these bar codes correctly. Bigard is now saving on maintenance costs and reduced time spent on cleaning the washing machine and white boxes.

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