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Waslix does NOT support or promote the use or trade of ANY illegal substances or recreational practices. Any references to growing cannabis on this page are given to support the connection between growing strong, healthy plants from an agricultural point-of-view and how water treatment solutions can help farmers/ growers.

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Cannabis Water Treatment Solutions

designed to help cannabis growers advance their indoor and outdoor operations

quote open medSoil, Nutrients, Sunlight and Water; these are the first step ingredients to growing strong and healthy plants. Waslix is all about water and how using “clearly clean water” will have a positive impact on your agricultural growing operations.

Here at Waslix, we are not horticulturist and the purpose of this article is not to provide an in-depth advice on the science to growing cannabis or how to become a successful grower. The advice we can offer has to do with water and how using cleaner water will benefit plants by making them heathier and stronger. If you have been involved with the cannabis or CBD industry you will know, more than us, as to the dramatic changes in regulation and changes this industry is experiencing. Innovation, experimentation, cross breeding a so many other factors are being adapted rapidly to give growers, brands, and suppliers their competitive edge.

Water is naturally a vital component to growing cannabis; and, well everything else. From NASA searching for H2O in the cosmos to the ancient Greeks; water has always been connected to life.

Within the realm of water we offer two product categories to help cannabis growers improve their farming operations.

plant hard mineral spots descaler vulcan before and after

I know this is not a cannabis plant but this image is from a client who uses the
Vulcan mineral descaler to manage mineral scaling in their greenhouse.

Water Filtration:

This may be a clear and obvious integration practice for many indoor and outdoor growers. Your municipal or well water supply is made up of more than just H2O. If you research your local CCR report (Consumer Confidence Report) to gauge the cleanliness of your water supply you will notice “acceptable” impurity standards. CCR reports only list a handful of contaminates among hundreds of possible synthetic substances.
Using cleaner water will have a direct benefit to the health of your plants.

mainline home water filter
Off the shelf water filtration tanks can support up to 600,000 gallons of clean water to provide pure, delicious water without removing essential minerals.

Mineral Descaler:

This is often confused as a water softener. A mineral descaler has the same, and more benefits, as a water softener/ conditioner without the negative side effects. This is because it does not use salt, chemicals, or filters to manage mineral scaling. Water contains dissolved minerals necessary for plant and biologically growth. When water flows through your irrigation system, water pipes, pumps, sprinklers, etc. minerals in the water bond to surfaces. This ultimately presents a range of equipment problems leading to failing parts, shortened equipment lifespans, a buildup of biofilm, and many other issues.

eco electronic hard water scale v5000impulse bands working together
Uses wobbling impulse frequencies to prevent the formation of mineral scale and removes existing scale build-up in water pipes, irrigation equipment and benefits plant growth through better absorption.

            Extensive case studies across multiple industries.

Using Chlorine as an example of a water impurity and how it can possibly impact a plant and other essential ingredients such as soil.

If you research “how does chlorine impact cannabis plants” you will naturally come up with a lot of correct information but sources that fails to explain critical variables and misinformation that has been copied and repeated across thousands of websites.

Such as, articles stating that a small amount of Chlorine is actually good for plants. Other articles and forums will offer expert advice to let water sit in a bucket for 24 hours before using the water and that Chlorine does not impact plants, and a myriad of other copied and repeated knowledge to completely confuse a simple question.

Only after, perhaps hours of research, do you finalize start to realize there is a key variable to understanding the trust of your original search (we know it is incredibly frustrating). There is a difference between the Chlorine used as a water disinfectant (Cl2) and the plant nutrient Chloride (Cl–) where Chlorine is found in the soil as the highly soluble chloride anion.

Many water sources across the United States also contain Chloramine (a water disinfectant made from Chlorine and Ammonia to kill pathogens); this is used because it is more stable than Chlorine and lasts longer.

Further along in your research you will uncover facts that the disinfectant Chlorine molecule impacts soil by killing important microorganisms, which then impacts the plant, etc.

quote open medOur point is that there is a rippling effect in using water that contain chemicals and the most prudent variable in considering water as a benefit to a plant’s health is just to use cleaner water.

Leveraging water treatment technology to improve cannabis plant growth

mineral desscaler impacts hard water mineral crystals as a water softener

This technology has been available for over 40 years and in the past 20 years significant improvements have been made to where impulse frequency technology can be applied on 40 inch and greater water pipes. This technology is so robust and effective that even power plants, cooling tower operations and other large scale manufacturing companies use this technology to improve operations and reduce costs.

Example: one of the largest aluminum wheel manufacturer in China saves $50,000 every 9 months by extending the lifespan of their industrial RO (reverse osmosis) membranes.

eco friendly electronic anti scale water softener device
Improves Photosynthesis:
Mineral scale deposits accumulate on plant leaves as mineral spots obstructing UV light from the sun and artificial lighting impacting the process of photosynthesis and therefore the growth of your plants.

Prevent Leaf Burning:
Within the structure of mineral scale spots the crystals acts as a magnifying glass and burns the plant leaves.

Environmentally Friendly:
Water softeners and salt based ion exchangers have a negative effect on the environment in agricultural applications due to residual nitrates that leach into the ground water. The mineral descaler helps to minimizing the need for fertilizers and pesticides. An increasing number of US cities and towns are banning the sale of new water softener products.

Better Nutrient Absorption:
The temporary molecular mineral change (24-48 hours) allows plants to easily absorb minerals due to stable mono-crystal structures promoting stronger and healthier cannabis plant growth.

Reduced Maintenance:
Once install the device continuously alters mineral structures to prevent scaling and is not dependent on water flow. This descaling process prevents the buildup of biofilm (pathogens thrive in mineral scale) and unblocks nozzles and irrigation water supply lines to provide naturally fresher and cleaner water.

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