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Food Service Industry

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Just because water is transparent it does not mean it is clean. Municipalities do a good job at processing water for 100’s millions of people in the United States and there are ‘acceptable’ levels of impurities in every water sampling report. However, water travels a long way before it reaches your location and you use it in cleaning dishes, serving coffee, or as an ingredient in creating a sellable food item. Your water quality is not going to be the same quality as when it left your local municipality.

Water quality comprises of 3 main quality components:
  • Hard Water Scale: calcium and magnesium minerals found in all natural water
  • General Contaminants: chlorine or chloramine chemicals, sediment, VOC’s, pharmaceutical remanences, and 600+ other possible impurities.
  • Pathogen Levels: bacteria, waterborne viruses, micro-organisms (FYI: hard water scale becomes a breeding ground for pathogens!)

Water touches so many components in the food industry and a water problem, or potential issues, is only really considered when there is cause to be concerned; such as a Boil Water Advisory, of which there are hundreds EVERY DAY in the US.

As an owner or manager of a company involved with the food industry, water quality should be of paramount concern. Using Clearly Clean Water makes great business sense; since it will help to extend the lifespan of all the water related equipment you use in your store (dishwasher, glass wear, coffee machines, water heaters, etc), less cleaning and maintenance will be required and you will be provide a better and safe final consumable product to customers.

At Waslix, we understand how easy it is to be unaware of how your water quality can slowly damage equipment and at any given moment cause unforeseen consumer illness. We are proposing your company use “Clearly Clean Water” throughout your store and use YOUR WATER QUALITY as a competitive marketable strength to differentiate your company.

Way back in 2010 not too many people knew about Gluten and how Gluten was impacting their health. Good tasting Gluten Free products were very hard to find and now there are statistic coming out saying they expect the Gluten Free market to reach $24 Billion by 2020. So many people are becoming more interested in their health beyond working out; truly clean water will become a staple in the food and beverage industry. Using water as a competitive strength is a smart business move and affordable to implement; your company can stay ahead of the curve and build strong brand loyalty before the majority of companies adopt this as a common business practice.

Scientific Innovations Powers Clearly Clean Water

Researching the internet to make an informed decision on the best water filtration system based on Value, Eco-Friendliness and Being Confident Knowing the solution will actually work is extremely frustrating.
The answer is to combine 3 innovations from 3 different manufacturers.

step 1 small electronic anti scale hard water softener med

THIS changes the molecular
construction of hard water minerals

Vulcan 5000  |  Vulcan S10  |  Vulcan S25

Limescale/ Hard Water / Calcium and Magnesium is circulating throughout your building; affecting water pipes, coffee machines, boilers, cooling equipment, dish washers  and everything else water touches.

As this hard water coats everything it touches it slowly destroys equipment and leaves mineral deposits behind creating a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens. Multiple documented cases can be found where people have died from consuming water that had been infected with cryptosporidiosis.

step 2 small step 3 water treatment purfication

THIS removes over 200 contaminants
from your water supply

WC-1035  |  WC-2090  |  WC-50115  |  WC-90200

At first glance, the notion of installing a dedicated water treatment system in your store may seem, to some, as a radical and ostentatious move. When you consider the number of customers, employees, and equipment that come into contact with water every day; the impact becomes more of a liability and social responsibility than a ‘luxury’ desire. The filtration system does not require backwashing and filters are patented for exceptionally long lifespans.

Installing this commercial water filtration system will work with the Electronic Hard water Descaler and UV Disinfection System to produce superior water quality that will save your company money on repair and replacement costs. More importantly it will give you instant marketability and people will notice your food and beverages will taste better- instant brand loyalty.

step 3 small uv disinfection coffee shops

THIS disinfects your entire water
system from harmful pathogen

VP600  |  VP950  |  E4  |  F4  |  H  |  K

It’s horrifying to think there are Billions of microorganisms swimming around, in what we perceive as clean and clear water; that can and do cause illness. Even if your store is using commercial water filtering systems, bacteria and other pathogens are getting through into the consumption water supply. Ultra Violet (UV) water treatment is affordable solution to guarantee pathogens become inactive. Combining UV treatment with the Vulcan Descaler is the perfect solution for Clearly Clean Water™.

food service build strong brand loyalty
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