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Water is a very subtle component in the hair salon experience that it is completely overlooked. It comes out of your faucet clear; clients may or may not have their hair washed before their cut. A seemingly uninteresting element such as water is used and forgotten about.

WHY would there be a problem with your water quality? Clean and clear water goes beyond a visual inspection of water clarity and something that tastes free of chlorine.

Hard Water exists throughout the United States, just in varying degrees; and it affects more than just the residue left behind on your hair washing stations.

The water circulating through your salons water pipes, equipment and onto a client’s head is costing you money that can be saved through general maintenance, damaged equipment, and products used to service clients. More importantly though is missed opportunities in using water as a competitive strength to differentiate your salon.

Fortune 500 companies and companies in over 70 countries use the Vulcan Electronic Hard Water Descaler in their buildings to prevent hard water from sticking to all equipment surfaces and it saves them Thousands in maintenance and repair costs.

Stops formation water scaling crystalsUnder a microscope, hard water minerals look like a ‘spiky balls’ that sticks to everything it touches. As water moves through all of your equipment it deposits Billions of ‘spiky balls’ that simply will not wash away under water pressure damaging your equipment, reducing water pressure, and leaves a white chalky film on everything.

Installing the Vulcan Electronic Descaler is something you can do yourself without hiring a commercial plumber- wrap the electronic impulse bands around the main water pipe that supplies water to all of your bays and plug the device into an electrical outlet. It works on any pipe material and uses VERY little electricity. It works by changing hard water minerals, on a molecular level, from a sticky ball into a rod shape that cleans out existing scale and prevents hard water minerals from sticking to surfaces.
Learn more about the Vulcan device  |  Case Studies

How to use water to differentiate your company and market this as a competitive strength?

It makes great business sense to be able to extend your equipment lifespan, use less cleaning ingredients, shampoo, etc and turn a customer into a location insistent client instead of viewing your salon as a generic hair cutting facility.

Our proposal is to is to have your company use 3 devices to clean your water supply.
  • Hard Water Descaler: calcium and magnesium minerals found in all natural water
  • Filter General Contaminants: chlorine or chloramine chemicals, sediment, VOC’s, pharmaceutical remanences, and 600+ other possible impurities.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection: inactivate pathogen DNA (bacteria, waterborne viruses, micro-organisms) so they cannot cause illness/ biological harm (FYI: hard water scale becomes a breeding ground for pathogens!)

Then share and promote this as a marketable strength on your website, in your store (order our marketing materials), on your social media platforms, etc.

The electronic descaler will protect your equipment, and everything it touches, by changing hard water on a molecular level while keep these heathy minerals in the water, saving your company money. If you offer your clients complementary coffee, tea, etc. they will know you are using spring quality water.

In our opinion it would not be necessary to install an entire facility UV Disinfection and Water Filtration Unit. A more affordable single tap system can be used for those moments when staff prepares beverages for other employees and clients.

Taking care of customers beyond their initial haircut/ color purchase will help you to differentiate your company from competitors.

step 1

remove limescale deposits from your water equipment
THIS changes the molecular construction of hard water minerals

Vulcan 3000 hard water descaler

Vulcan 3000
GREAT for homes up to 2,500 square feet

Max. Pipe Diameter: 1 1/2 inches
Max. Water Capacity: 13 Gallons Per Minute

Wattage: 2 Watts
Impulse Band Length: 39 inch each
Device Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.1 x 1.2 inches
Programs: 1

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quote open smallThe device showed effect one week after it was installed. We replaced the filters in the bath fixtures during the installation of the device and since this time they have remained free of scale, as has the shower head.quote open close

Vulcan 5000 hard water descaler

Vulcan 5000
GREAT for homes OVER 2,500 square feet

Max. Pipe Diameter: 2 inches
Max. Water Capacity: 35 Gallons Per Minute

Wattage: 2 Watts
Impulse Band Length: 79 inch each
Device Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.3 x 1.2 inches
Programs: 1

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quote open smallI was amazed to see the positive difference. I have noticed that my hair feels softer after washing it without using any additional hair cosmetics. Also the shower screen and the bathroom fixtures were easier to clean with much less cleaning agents.quote open close

Vulcan S10 hard water descaler

Vulcan S10
GREAT for light commercial treatment

Max. Pipe Diameter: 3 inches
Max. Water Capacity: 65 Gallons Per Minute

Wattage: 2.25 Watts
Impulse Band Length: 118 inch each
Device Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches
Programs: 3

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quote open smallWe installed 2 Vulcan to test: one S25 for shower heads in the student bathroom; one S10 for heating elements of drinking water. After 2 months, no scale was found on the shower heads, only saw a thin layer of white membrane, and it was easy to remove. Also, the scale of heating elements were significantly reduced, Vulcan greatly extends the time of manual cleaning. - Beijing University of Chemical Technologyquote open close

step 2 cuzn clean water filter small hospitality

THIS removes over 200 contaminants from your water supply

IL-200  |  CT-2K  |  UC-2K  |  WHCC7-13-DTF

It makes good business sense to make a good impression and to take care of your customers when they visit your establishment. Add a bit of marketing and communicate to your clients that your location uses Clearly Clean Water.

These water filters are very affordable; do not require backwashing- meaning you will not be wasting any water and they are made in the United States with patented filtration technology.

Supplying your clients with “Clearly Clean Water” is a strong marketable strength to help generate gregarious clients and repeat visitors.

step 3 small location water UV purfication

THIS disinfects your entire water system from harmful pathogens

D4+  |  VP600  |  E4  |  K  |  MORE...

It’s horrifying to think there are Billions of microorganisms swimming around, in what we perceive as clean and clear water; that can and do cause illness. Even if your company is using commercial water filtering systems, bacteria and other pathogens are getting through into the consumption water supply. Ultra Violet (UV) water treatment is affordable solution to guarantee pathogens become inactive. Combining UV treatment with the Vulcan Descaler is the perfect solution for clearly clean water.

Municipal water is not clean; the reason why it tastes and smells of chlorine is because municipalities have to kill as many microorganisms as possible before it is sent through hundreds of miles of water pipe lines. It is impossible for municipalities to safeguard water completely; there are hundreds of Water Boil Advisories across the United Sates every month. There are many documented cases of people dying from drinking municipal water.

Turn this Liability onto a Marketable Success Factor by telling your customers your water supply is “clearly clean”.

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