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viqua uv filter protect againist microorganisms

What does it do?

tickmark large Disinfects inactivates pathogens in your water supply rendering them incapable of causing illness

tickmark large Protects your water against microorganisms; particularly the dangerous chlorine-resistant protozoan parasites Cryptosporidium and Giardia

tickmark large Provides peace-of-mind knowing your water is truly clean before you consume it or in some way allow a client/ customer to consume your water
Potent Ultra Violet Disinfection
  • 9,000 hour / 1+ year UV lamp lifespan
  • Economic power consumption of a typical 40-Watt light bulb
  • Does not affect water pressure
  • A physical disinfection process so it does not change the taste or odor of your water
  • Instant safeguard against environmental conditions

Located in picturesque Port Sydney, Ontario; the camp’s 1,200 acres of property surrounds Clearwater Lake - their source of water along with two wells. Each year the camp accommodates around 7,400 guests.

When deciding to purchase the VIQUA system, reliability and ease of use were obviously big selling factors. We did not want to deal with more alarms or difficult routine maintenance. Right from the start we were very impressed with the Pro20s because it was so straightforward to install. We were even more impressed when the system solved ALL the problems we were having with our other UV systems.

The camp no longer experiences frequent alarms. Temperature changes, humidity and power surges do not affect the system, and we no longer have to pull the whole system apart to change lamps.
To sum it up, we are extremely happy with our VIQUA systems!

Don Wall (Maintenance Team Leader) from Ontario Pioneer Camp

How does it work?

VIQUA is the world’s largest supplier of residential and light commercial UV water disinfection systems, providing safe water without the use of chemicals. Waslix has chosen to ONLY deal with Viqua UV Filter systems. Choosing to install a main water pipe UV point-of-entry system for your entire home or business or directly at a specific faucet as a point-of-use; know your VIQUA UV system will disinfect your drinking water, keeping you and your family safe from microbiological contaminants.

Sterilume EX Ultraviolet Lamps

Sophisticated Sterilume-EX Ultraviolet Lamps

Many microorganisms, bacteria and viruses are dormant in water and require a host to deploy colonies and breed. This is what makes a person sick and what causes water related illnesses. Ultraviolet light is a sophisticated disinfection solution; light of a specific wavelength is passed through the water, inactivating any present water pathogens. Because they are inactivated, microbes can no longer multiply, this means they cannot cause infection.
Viqua, with more than 35 years in the water treatment market, uses Sterilume-EX lamps designed on a solid foundation of research, development and testing to provide consistent and reliable ultraviolet output over the entire life of the lamp (9,000 hours) to ensure continuous purification.
VIQUA lamps have gone through rigorous performance testing and meet the certification and validation standards of the industry’s leading governing bodies; it is this dedication and Viqua’s promise to provide Simply Safe Water that has contributed to their strong reputation of trusted quality products.

Engineered Around Quality and Performance

A solid and reliable UV Filter solution is more than a system of UV lamps. Viqua is built with a durable stainless steel chamber to prolong the product life and eliminate ultraviolet light degradation. There are, naturally, other manufacturers in the UV Disinfection Industry but we have chosen to work exclusively with Viqua. Sacrificing on quality will other manufacturers will directly affect many other potential future problems of leaking connections and product failures.
Viqua systems are easy to maintain and service, come with Safety-Loc™ connector with interlock that ensures power is disconnected before lamp can be removed, hidden ground wire.

UV Filter Engendered Around Quality and Performance

Why does it work?

The water you consume and use in your home and business is not pure. Not pure in the sense that it contains chemicals (Chorine), hardwater minerals, and microorganisms that may or not cause illness. In 1993, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 69 people DIED from consuming municipal water that had been infected with cryptosporidiosis, somewhere in distribution. Municipalities do an amazing job of treating water for millions of people every day. However, the reality is water travels a long way through pipelines and is NOT CLEAN AND PURE when you consume it. Even if you are using a water jug filter.

Inactivates micro-organisms on a biological level

UV light destroys micro organisms on a biological levelYou CANNOT filter out harmful pathogens in water. Chlorine does not kill all microorganisms. Certain types of carbon filters actually become breading grounds for bacteria. So you may be removing a chlorine taste in your tap water only to ingest more active microorganisms. Reverse Osmosis is no longer recognized as a complete barrier to microbiological contamination, and RO systems remove all healthy minerals from your water to where you have to get a special filter to add the minerals back in.
You may perceive your water as being safe to drink but it is not pure.  Ultraviolet (UV) light is a sophisticated disinfection solution and is the most effective way of ensuring drinking water is clean and safe from microorganisms. The UV light waves destroy microorganisms’ DNA so they cannot multiply and cause illnesses.
We ONLY deal with Viqua UV Purification Systems because they are the best.

viqua uv filters ensure safe drinking water
  • Does NOT use chemicals
  • Multiple GPM flow rates available
    GPM: Gallons Per Minute
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Stainless Steel construction

The Eco-Friendly guarantee to inactivate harmful pathogens

do not take the risk when UV Purification Technology is simple and affordable

Global Hydration logo

quote open largeWe pride our company on using the absolute best components available in the industry. VIQUA has repeatedly delivered even in harsh and challenging environments. The Can Pure™ Water Purification System P3-2008A that includes the VIQUA Pro 10 was used in sub-zero temperatures as part of Ontario’s largest ever disaster response exercise to produce potable water for drinking, cooking and showers as required by OPP - PERT and CANTF teams participating in Operation Trillium Assist.quote open close
- Andrew P. Moorey- President and Chief Executive Officer (Global Hydration: www.globalhydration.com)
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