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Other than industrial scale operations there are 4 main ways to remove or reduce the concentration of Fluoride in your drinking water.

  • Water Distillation
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Activated Aluminas
  • Calcium Based Carbon / Bone Char

Water Distillation is essentially using a system to produce distilled water; it then contains nothing but H2O. Meaning; all impurities, chemical, minerals, etc. have been removed. Water Distillation Systems are expensive and do generate a large amount of waste water. There is also the ripple effect of consuming distilled water in that the water pulls in minerals from any material it touches. So, it if is stored in a plastic container it will absorb trace amounts of plastic from the bottle. This is also the reason why several articles have been written about distilled water leaching minerals from your body. Water Distillation does not contain Fluoride but the general consensus is to not drink distilled water.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is very similar to producing distilled water; except the clean water is passed over minerals. As the cleaned water goes through a mineral filter it picks up essential healthy minerals and adds minerals back into your water.  Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems vary in price and many of them are marketed as a 5 -7 stage filtrations system. They also general a lot of waste water; 3-5 gallons per 1 gallon cleaned. Yes, you can remove/ reduce fluoride but with a high investment costs and maintenance. There is also the cause and effect ripple effect of flushing away concentrated waste water with a higher mineral content to promote water pipe scaling. If/ When the bacteria barrier erodes your RO water will contain an enormous concentration of water borne pathogens (bacteria, mold, viruses, micro-organisms, etc).

Activated Alumina looks like small white balls and is made from a synthetically-produced aluminum oxide (A12O3) and is manufactured by dehydroxylating (involves a heating process) where it produces highly porous materials from aluminum hydroxide. It is used as a purification medium to reduce and remove fluoride, arsenic and selenium in water filtration. The largest fear is the instigation use of the word “aluminum”. Aluminum can be found in products ranging from deodorants to cooking pots we use to prepare meals and does have a toxic component to it; all within variation degrees of exposure.

So, when you read the words “Activated Alumina” it sounds like a fancy form of Aluminum. However, activated alumina is not aluminum and DOES NOT add aluminum particles or byproducts to your filtered water.

Calcium Based Carbon (BRIMAC) or Bone Char is another medium used to reduce or remove Fluoride concentration in water. It looks like a black granular material and is mainly comprised of tricalcium phosphate 57–80%, calcium carbonate 6–10% and carbon 7–10%. It is manufactured by heating a calcium based raw material in an oxygen rich vessel at 1,292 °F; the result is a unique porous matrix of ions.
As with all filtration mediums there is an overlap of impurities that can be removed. Bone Char helps to reduce and remove Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Cadmium, Mercury, Copper and Zinc. Calcium Based Carbon is so effective it is also used in applications for radionuclides reduction including radium, uranium and arsenic.

The more time water molecules spend interacting with a filtration medium the more impurities will be removed from the water. The filtration products we use incorporates a US patented filtration technology allowing water molecules to interact with filtration mediums 50 times great than granular based mediums.
  • Coconut shell carbon is great for organic contaminants but not effective for inorganic contaminants.
  • Calcium Based Carbon (Bone Char) is a great medium for filtering inorganic contaminants.

So, why is fluoride such a controversial water impurity?


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