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vulcan is not a magnet system

blog heading iconVulcan is NOT a Magnetic System

Vulcan works exclusively with electric impulses only. The energy is simply taken from a power plug. We would like to distance ourselves from those devices that use the force of magnetism to treat water. Vulcan offers you a reliable eco-friendly water treatment system against scale and rust – without the drawbacks of magnetism.

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There are similar products to Vulcan on the market that claim to do the job, but don‘t. Almost all other products on the market are working with inductive (electromagnetic) technologies. You can easily recognize them by their cables. Those cables run in a loop from the electronic unit - to the pipe and back into the unit (pic. 1).

Why you should avoid magnetism when treating water

All magnetic-based physical water treatment devices produce electric impulses by induction. This means that the magnet(ism) together with the water that flows through the pipe are supposed to generate complex electric impulses, this sometimes gets achieved. However, these magnetism problems cannot be ignored:

Problem with Magnetism
Not all pipe materials can be treated equally well

As the magnet does not penetrate through metal very well, many distributors ask to install their units on plastic pipes. If the installation place is a metal pipe their recommendation is to cut out a piece of pipe and to replace it with a piece of plastic pipe.

We believe that this is an unnecessary complication to work with magnetism as it limits the treatment to take place on plastic pipes only.

Problem with Magnetism

The generation of a complex electric impulse field only works if the water inside the pipe flows by the magnetic field at the right speed (velocity). If the speed is correct, then the impulse is generated. However, if the speed of the water is not right (too fast or too slow), magnetic impulses are not generated or worse the impulses are generated incorrectly.

We believe it is always better to provide a perfect and stable electric impulse field by simply using constant electricity. Therefore, Vulcan is solely electric. The annual power consumption is minimal and amounts to approximately $5-7.

Problem with Magnetism
Magnetism itself

Magnetism is a powerful force indeed. It is attributed with many positive effects on organisms. However, everyone also knows that magnets attract metallic objects, no matter how small. This again leads to a major problem when magnets are used on a piping system because the area where electromagnetic cables or permanent-magnets are installed is of course magnetic. Here, all magnetic particles in the water are firmly connected to the inside of the pipe. This happens on metal and plastic pipes alike. After only a short while the inside of the pipe is covered with a metal dirt-particle-film. This creates a perfect breeding ground (biofilm) for bacteria and other unwanted substances. Many producers of magnetic devices therefore suggest to turn off the unit and "flush" the pipes every six months as a solution to the problem.

We believe building up a potential dangerous biofilm with magnetism in order to treat the piping system is not a smart way to solve a scale-problem. Also, we know the need to clean the pipe with flushing or brushing can be avoided. The answer is not to use magnetism!

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