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MiTAC Holding vulcan descaler hard water solves scaling

blog heading iconMiTAC Holdings Corp.

MiTAC Holdings installed several Vulcan electronic anti-scale descalers to treat their air conditioning systems.
Baotou Minfeng Metal Works vulcan mineral descaler electronic remove

blog heading iconBaotou Minfeng Metal Works

Befre the Vulcan ant-scale solution was installed the factory pipelines were often blocked. This in increased the pressure in the pipe and even made the pipe explode. In the past, the company used salt-based softener to solve the scaling problems, but the result was not satisfactory. 3 Months after installing the Vulcan solution the factory pipes and equipments are still running well without getting blocked.
Shougang Ice Hockey Arena vulcan mineral descaler tech

blog heading iconShougang Ice Hockey Arena

The vulcna descaler was installed to solve the scaling problems of the water heater and to extend cleaning intervals while improving energy efficiencies.
Hyundai Motors vulcan descales after 6 months

blog heading iconHyundai Motors-car engine manufacturing factory

Before installing the Vulcan electronic hard water mineral descaler, Hyundai Motor Ulsan had mineral scale problems in the pipelines and the induction hardening machine. The factory also had 9 secondary small pipes that had to be manually cleaned every 2-3 months.
Barceló Bávaro Palace vulcan treatment scale mineral removal

blog heading iconBarceló Hotel Group - Barceló Bávaro Palace

Before Vulcan S100 was installed in hotel’s main hot water line, the storage tanks had a solid 3 cm thick scale layer inside them and the pumping pressure from the booster set was at maximum while being unable to deliver adequate water pressure to the end of the line hotel rooms.
Chrysler vulcan cleans calcium buildup

blog heading iconChrysler Cars Factory/ Transmission Plant

Chrysler saves $15,000 per Machine/Year. Before the Vulcan was installed, there would be a 12 mm calcium buildup in the nozzle by this time and they would exchange it with one that had been acid cleaned.
cable manufacturing plant vulcan mineral descaler 5000

blog heading iconInjection machine at a cable manufacturing plant

To compare the results between the Machine 1 with Vulcan 5000 and the Machine 2 without the Vulcan electronic descaler.
Tianyi Plastic Products vulcan ani scale solution

blog heading iconTianyi Plastic Products removed mineral scale in injection molding equipment

We were skeptical about the Vulcan device and doubted its claim to remove mineral scale. After about a 3 month trial using the Vulcan S50, the scale on the equipment has been significantly reduced. This not only saves a lot of water treatment costs but also greatly improved the efficiency of the equipment and our cleaning intervals have been prolonged.
Kunshan Xingbao Plastic vulcan descaler injection molding

blog heading iconKunshan Xingbao Plastic removes scale build-up after 1.5 years without cleaning

The injection molding machine have scaled badly for years, so it was always difficult to clean the pipe, especially the heat exchanger of the mold temperature controller.
Vulcan S100 hard water descaler

blog heading iconCentral heating in Fenghe New District, Xianyang

Before using Vulcan, it was necessary to clean the scale once a year: it was mainly cleaned with acid, which was not only expensive but also corroded and damaged the pipelines.
Sinopec Shengli Oilfield banner

blog heading iconVulcan used at Sinopec Shengli Oilfield to improve energy transfer and remove mineral scaling

After 6 months of using the Vulcan electronic descaler the Sinopec Shengli Oilfield does not have to use chemical to manage scale build up in water heating tubes. The company saved costs in energy, labor, maintenance, and no longer deals with their heating system being compromised by heating efficiencies.
Supermal Karawaci SMK Shopping mall removes mineral scaling

blog heading icon4 Year field test of the electronic descaler at a shopping mall.

A 4 year field test of the Vulcan electronic descaler was conducted at a Mall’s cooling towers in Indonesia. During the 4 years no system maintenance was required and the system was not treated with chemicals. Mall administration and maintenance report the prevention of rust in their iron pipes has been an added benefit.
mflex dsbj mineral electronic water descaler

blog heading iconMFLEX has become one of the largest global flexible circuit manufacturers and assemblers

Suzhou Weixin Electronics (MFlex a DSBJ company) uses the Vulcan mineral descalers in their manufacturing facilities to prevent corrosion in their air compressor equipment, to capitalize on energy efficiencies and eliminate prior descaling maintenance.
LEED Platinum Green Building certification vulcan mineral scaling descaler

blog heading iconPlatinum Green Building Certification from LEED

Energy Complex has been awarded the highest level of Platinum Green Building Certification from LEED (Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design) for energy conservation, harmonious coexistence of industry and the environment and optimal utilization of resources.
power plant mineral scaling descaler

blog heading iconPower plant heat pump station and the Vulcan X-Pro series

Vulcan X-Pro series electronic mineral descalers were installed in a thermal power plant heat pump station to prevent the scale from reducing the heat exchange efficiency.
confort inn logo

blog heading iconVulcan descaling saves thousands for a hotel owner in Moriarty, New Mexico

Anyone familiar with Moriarty knows that the water here is awful. We battle with water hardness like no other place I know. Our hotel had been spending thousands of dollars installing water softeners and going through excessive amounts of salt and descaler to try to keep up. This would manifest itself in calcium buildup in our kitchen and bathroom fixtures, our ice machine, and our pool. We installed the Vulcan S100 and the Vulcan 5000 on your pool and the transformation at our facility has been nothing short of astounding.
Vulcan removes scale from heating station pipes

blog heading iconVulcan electronic impulse technology removes scale from heating stations

This installation was a government project and before the Vulcan descalers were installed it took a great deal of effort and expense to clean the heat exchangers. The Vulcan system has already proven its effectiveness since it has greatly prolonged the cleaning intervals. This government contract has reported they are very satisfied with the results of the Vulkcan descalers being able to effectively solve mineral scaling problems of the heat exchangers.

After years of dealing with the disadvantages of calcification

remove hard water scale family

blog heading iconAfter years of dealing with the disadvantages of calcification

After 2 weeks we saw first-hand that many of the products claims were impressively true
vulcan descaler remove calcium scale build up

blog heading iconThe Vulcan has been a worthwhile purchase

About three weeks after installation, in early January, I heard water running outside. I went to the back of my home and discovered the outside faucet there running at full stream. This faucet did not work at all and now it was running at or near full flow. All because of Vulcan. Just 2 months after installing the Vulcan, I went to take a shower and I noticed the faucet was completely free of calcium and operating like new.
Cooling Tower Cost Savings with Vulcan 2

blog heading iconCooling Tower- Cost Savings and Physical Water Treatment with Vulcan

Under 1 year, with the Vulcan treatment it has already cost less than full chemical treatment
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