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eco friendly electronic anti scale water softener device
vulcan 25 year warranty

What does it do?

tickmark large Stops the natural elements found in water from depositing rust and water scale in water pipes, appliances, commercial equipment and whatever your water supply touches

tickmark large Gently sanitizes your water pipe system and whatever your water touches; by breaking down rust, scale and limestone deposits on a molecular level and removing it through natural water flow

tickmark large Protects your piping, equipment and whatever else your water touches from corrosion and perforation damage of hard water
Electronic Anti-Scale System
  • Eco-friendly water descaler
  • Eco-friendly alternative to water softener
  • Healthy and important minerals remain in the water
  • Does NOT use salt/ chemicals
  • Maintenance-free
  • Do-It-Yourself installation:
    no need to cut the pipes
  • International 25-year warranty

Since installing the Vulcan S25 at our premises we have noticed substantial and continual improvement over the past 3 months. Our food warmers, steam ovens, kitchen sinks and restrooms are clear of scale, along with cleaner crockery and cutlery. This has helped to reduce the detergent and cleaning equipment and products, which has saved us more than the cost of installing the Vulcan S25. The restaurant is now able to operate at a higher level, avoiding lime scale and rewashing of dishes, with far fewer complaints from customers.

Chin Lam (CEO) from Water Margin Oriental Buffet

How does it work?

water descaler Patented Electric Impulse Technology

Electronic Impulse Descaler Technology by Vulcan

The Vulcan-Impulse-Technology is based on the principle of physical water treatment. Special electronic wobbling distribution impulse frequency (between 3-32 kHz) changes the crystallization process of the liquid calcium in hard water, causing the particles to lose their ability to stick to surfaces. This way the hard scale loses its adhesive power preventing and fixing rust and scale build up. The technology works exclusively with capacitive electric impulses, and does not use any salt, chemicals or magnets.

Special Isolated Copper Impulse Bands by Vulcan

To guarantee the best possible scale/ rust prevention; Vulcan has developed a special isolated copper impulse band material with a high degree of alloy purity that is designed to connect firmly to your water pipe. These impulse bands are extremely thin and flexible to achieve minimal isolation and space loss between coils and maximize a direct contact ratio to 97.5%. The copper treatment bands are a crucial factor to the performance of the water scale treatment.

water scale treatment Isolated Copper Impulse Bands

Why does it work?

The water you consume and use in your home and business is not pure. It contains dissolved scale, consisting of calcium and magnesium, that bond together when there is a change in pressure (piping) and temperature (heating elements) to form a sticky structure of untreated water scale crystals. These crystals bond to each other, and then adhere to surfaces to immediately produce, very destructive, solid scale deposits. These minerals, by themselves, have a healthy effect on the human body but for everything else it touches (water pipe systems, equipment, appliances, mirrors, etc) quickly becomes a lime scale build-up problem. The more calcium present in the water, the harder the water and more continuous cleaning is required; and damages everything your water supply touches.

Stops the formation of water scaling

Stops formation water scaling crystalsThe Vulcan Impulse Technology water treatment changes the molecular crystallization configuration of lime scale minerals using a natural process of electrophoresis.
As water flows through your pipes and past the impulse bands of the Vulcan device the sticky structure of untreated water scale crystals are broken into smoother rod-shaped structures so the destructive scale crystals can no longer bond to each other or attach to surfaces. The more rod-shaped crystals there are the stronger the scale-prevention effects. The positive unseen rod-shaped descaling crystals are simply washed away in the water where they continue to loosen other existing incrustation bonds.

Cleans the effects of untreated hard water damage

Continuously cleans and sanitizes waterRemoving hard water scale from your water pipes, appliances, and equipment will also result in removing rust particles and the unhealthy bacteria growing in the scale.
A simultaneous process occurs in untreated hard water where a Carbonic Acid (H2CO3) reaction takes place that builds calcium crystals; and at a much slower rate an opposite reaction called Natural Resolving Process that tries to fight the effects of Carbonic Acid. The result is basically “dirty” water. The Vulcan descaler is a scientific water treatment used in residential, commercial and industrial environment that changes the balance between the scaling process and this natural resolving process to give you clearly clean water.
When you remove hard water scale you are also removing iron particles embedded in the scale; this is the red-colored deposits you frequently see in pipes and is what ends up damaging equipment from the inside. Additionally, get rid of the scale and you also remove the breeding ground for bacteria and other unwanted substances.
The Vulcan electronic anti-scale system gentle removes the scale deposits and washes it out in the water as healthy: calcium, magnesium and iron minerals.

Prevents scale damage and protects against corrosion

protective metal carbonate layer water If you are fortunate enough to have a home or business that was built using PEX Piping you are still not immune to the corrosive effects of hard water; water travels a long way in metal pipes from municipalities before it gets to you.
Copper and/or iron oxidation occurs in all metal pipes through contact with hard water. These oxides seriously affect the pipe surfaces and often lead to corrosion. The Vulcan descaler uses patented Impulse Technology to generate an electrophoresis effect where a protective metal-carbonate layer is created to protect pipes from harmful substances which could lead to corrosion. According to the material of the pipe, this layer consists of copper carbonate, iron carbonate or zinc carbonate and settles on all shiny metal surfaces. This thin metal-carbonate layer remains in the pipes and acts as protection against possible future rust and corrosion.

Hard Water Scale-Related Problems

water scale related problems

  • Scale covered surfaces in bathroom, kitchen and appliances
  • Blocked piping system
  • Loss of water pressure due to a reduced pipe diameter
  • Increasing water heating costs due to energy loss in the hot water circuit
  • Bacterial growth in pipes carrying drinking water
  • Rust accumulation in the pipes that may lead to corrosion
  • Increased cleaning costs and need for aggressive cleaning agents
  • Repeated repairs or replacement of household appliances
  • Decrease in overall industrial productivity
  • High production costs due to maintenance
  • High costs of repairs and maintenance on machines and equipment
  • Malfunctioning machinery
  • Replacement of the whole piping system

eco friendly electronic anti scale water softener models
  • Does NOT use salt or chemicals
  • Pipe diameters from ½ inch to 40 inches
  • Fully cast in acrylic for optimal quality endurance
  • Do-it-Yourself installation without cutting pipes
  • Works on every pipe material: iron, inox, copper, stainless steel, galvanized iron, plastic, PVC, PE-x, hose, compound pipes, etc

The Eco-Friendly alternative to water softeners

protect your home and assets against scale deposits and rust

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quote open largeAfter multiple problems with scale build-up in our irons and laundry equipment we decided to try and solve this situation. After much research, we finally found the solution we were looking for. We chose the innovative line of water treatment, Vulcan. The Vulcan S25 unit was installed.
Up until now, the results obtained have been entirely satisfactory; not only because the scale does not stick to surfaces anymore, but also because of the raised quality of the laundry which has a less-abrasive effect on the clothes. This has helped increase our service quality and customer satisfaction.
For the above reasons, we certify the complete effectiveness of the Vulcan S25 device installed in our company.quote open close
- Esther Meca Cervera (Ralons Group:
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