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UV is Simple BUT Effective

blog heading iconUV is Simple BUT Effective

One of the most terrifying water quality issues out there is microbiological contamination; most adults have heard of E. coli, however there are many other pathogens to be concern with such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Would you be comfortable giving a baby - your child, grandchild, niece or nephew - a bottle filled with untreated tap water? Probably not! This is an extreme contrast but it’s essentially what you are doing every time you are using untreated UV water; even if you filter it. UV Disinfection devices are affordable, simple and very effective at keeping your water safe and free of harmful microorganisms.

There are so many water treatment options available; it can be, and is an overwhelming process of understanding what your options are and filtering out what is hype before you can consider costs, logistics, and future maintenances. It is probably for this reason why some homeowners spend hundreds of dollars a year on bottled water instead of making a true and long-term shift to consuming clearly clean water. The answer is really to incorporate 3 distinctive processes: Electronic hard water descaler, UV water filtration, Multi-Stage drinking water filter.

UV is Simple BUT Effective

  • UV disinfection is the only chemical-free, environmentally-friendly way of effectively inactivating microorganisms found in drinking water.
  • Disinfection through a UV system is immediate, with no chlorination by-products created.
  • UV offers a worry-free, cost-effective solution to treat water in the whole home.

Installing a point-of-entry (POE) UV disinfection system will give you 24/7 peace of mind, knowing every faucet provides pathogenic free water.

what does UV disinfection offer

What Does UV Disinfection Offer?

In 1993, a waterborne cryptosporidiosis outbreak occurred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States. According to the CDC an estimated 403,000 people became ill, including 4,400 people hospitalized, and an estimated 69 people died during the outbreak. ~ Water Quality and Health Council
Crypto outbreak sickens more than 100 in Phoenix, AZ area ~ AZ Central
Crypto outbreaks linked to swimming have doubled since 2014 ~ Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Municipal water is disinfected at the water treatment plant but what happens if contamination occurs in the distribution before that disinfected water reaches the private home? Municipal infrastructure is aging, and water main breaks and leaks are becoming more common. If water can get out of those pipes, contaminants can get in.
A blanket of security for your drinking water! No matter what the water source is, a UV system will always ensure your water is safe from microbiological contamination.
A chemical-free, effective solution for inactivating microorganisms in drinking water. UV is a simple and inexpensive solution for water safety in the home and in businesses.

Many more traditional methods of disinfection, such as chlorine, are not effective against certain waterborne microorganisms, such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
Contrary to popular belief, reverse osmosis is no longer recognized as a complete barrier to microbiological contamination. UV disinfection is the most effective way of ensuring drinking water is clean and safe from microorganisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
Boil Water Advisory worries can be a thing of the past when a UV system is installed, regardless of where the water comes from.

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VIQUA is proud to be the world’s largest supplier of residential UV water disinfection systems, providing safe water without the use of chemicals. Whether you choose a point-of-entry or a point-of-use system, your VIQUA UV system will disinfect your drinking water, keeping you and your family safe from microbiological contaminants. Our promise to you is clear: simply safe water.
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