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Beijing Kunlun Hotel vulcan mineral descaler

blog heading iconBeijing Thermal Engineering Company

Vulcan replaces chemical scale inhibition products to prevent plate heat exchanger scaling in hot water systems.

Beijing Kunlun Hotel vulcan mineral descaler

blog heading iconBank of Latvia uses descalers at 2 branches

After only 3 months, the descaling effect in the building was already apparent as bits of mineral scaling were being flushed out of faucets with the water flow.

Beijing Kunlun Hotel vulcan mineral descaler

blog heading iconChina Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC)

Avic Composite Corporation Ltd. is a unit of China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC). It is a Chinese state-owned aerospace and defense conglomerate headquartered in Beijing, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of resin, prepreg and composite structural parts.

MiTAC Holding vulcan descaler hard water solves scaling

blog heading iconMiTAC Holdings Corp.

MiTAC Holdings installed several Vulcan electronic anti-scale descalers to treat their air conditioning systems.

Taikang Financial Tower vulcan water softener solution

blog heading iconTaikang Financial Tower

There are 4 heat exchanger systems in the building, which have to be treated. For the business purpose, the hot water supply can not be interrupted. 4 sets of Vulcan S10 were installed to gently clean the heat exchangers and the whole piping system without stopping the machines.

Shanxi Jinshen Shaping vulcan descaler water softener installed

blog heading iconShanxi Jinshen Shaping Coal Industry Company

Shanxi Jinshen Shaping Coal Industry Company, and its main business is coal mining sales.

Cooling Tower Cost Savings with Vulcan 2

blog heading iconCooling Tower- Cost Savings and Physical Water Treatment with Vulcan

Under 1 year, with the Vulcan treatment it has already cost less than full chemical treatment

pharmaceutical co vulcan removes rust from pipes

blog heading iconRemoving rust from inside a water pipe at a pharmaceutical company

40 Days after installing the Vulcan system the visual water quality is almost colorless.

VacMet eco friendly hardwater descaler

blog heading iconVacMet Coating & Engraving Service

Based on our savings alone, the Vulcan descaler has already paid for itself. An additional benefit has been in the greatly reduced amount of cooling tower maintenance. The calcium buildup has been miniscule and the little bit that has accumulated can be easily washed away with a garden hose and nozzle.

THK Precision treat hardwater scale descaler

blog heading iconTHK Precision Industry

We used chemicals to remove the scale of cooling tower before. After Vulcan was installed, we stopped the dosing process, and all equipment is still running well. Vulcan completely replaced the chemicals and saves cost for the company.

Exhibition Center Cologne fights limescale problems

blog heading iconExhibition Center Cologne

After the installation of your water treatment system in our bistros I noticed a clear improvement of the situation. The lime scale deposits are now much easier to remove thus easing the workload of the staff. Less detergent is needed and I am altogether extremely satisfied with your device.

Tong Cheng Travel treat hardwater scale

blog heading iconTong-Cheng Travel

The main part of the air-conditioning uses high efficiency evaporative system, and it requires very high quality water.

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