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Baotou Minfeng Metal Works vulcan mineral descaler electronic remove

blog heading iconBaotou Minfeng Metal Works

Befre teh Vulcan ant-scale solution was installed the factory pipelines were often blocked. This in increased the pressure in the pipe and even made the pipe explode. In the past, the company used salt-based softener to solve the scaling problems, but the result was not satisfactory. 3 Months after installing the Vulcan solution the factory pipes and equipments are still running well without getting blocked.

Tianyi Plastic Products vulcan ani scale solution

blog heading iconTianyi Plastic Products removed mineral scale in injection molding equipment

We were skeptical about the Vulcan device and doubted its claim to remove mineral scale. After about a 3 month trial using the Vulcan S50, the scale on the equipment has been significantly reduced. This not only saves a lot of water treatment costs but also greatly improved the efficiency of the equipment and our cleaning intervals have been prolonged.

Huomei Wheel Manufacture vulcan descaler saves costs

blog heading iconOne of the largest aluminum wheel manufacturer in China saves $50,000 over 9 months

Before installing the Vulcan descaler device our factory used a scale inhibitor as the only descaling method; we would have to replace the RO membrane every 1-3 months. Since installing the Vulcan descaler the RO membrane has lasted for 7 months; saving our company 25,000 USD.

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