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vulcan descaler remove calcium scale build up

blog heading iconThe Vulcan has been a worthwhile purchase

About three weeks after installation, in early January, I heard water running outside. I went to the back of my home and discovered the outside faucet there running at full stream. This faucet did not work at all and now it was running at or near full flow. All because of Vulcan. Just 2 months after installing the Vulcan, I went to take a shower and I noticed the faucet was completely free of calcium and operating like new.

vulcan descaler helps gardens grow

blog heading iconOur pipes are completely clear with no signs of the iron scale at all

Within 3 months of installing the Vulcan Descaler the iron residual and sludge disappeared from our pipes. I’m staggered by the results. The pipe was completely clear and there were no signs of the iron scale at all. A reliable and clean sprinkler system is very important for us to maintain a healthy garden. The CWT system has saved me an enormous amount of time and money and I’m no longer cleaning sprinkler heads or replacing the solenoids in the reticulation system.

vulcan descaler makes your hair soft

blog heading iconI have noticed that my hair feels softer after washing it

We installed the Vulcan descaler in 2010 and after 4 months we were amazed to see the positive difference. I have noticed that my hair feels softer after washing it without using any additional hair products. Our shower screen and he bathroom fittings are easier to clean with less effort and fewer very cleaning agents.

remove hard water scale australia

blog heading iconThe Vulcan saves me an enormous amount of time and energy

In June 2011 I installed the Vulcan device and after just 1 month I noticed a huge difference. The Vulcan system is also well priced and simple to install. Because it carefully dissolves the scale, my irrigation system is virtually maintenance free and there's no need to change the filters. This saves me an enormous amount of time and energy.

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