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University of Munich electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconPhysiological Institute of the University of Munich

The system Vulcan 5000 is an economic alternative to expensive heat exchangers, i.e. closed circulations of coolant with treated water. These heat exchangers cost about 5,000€. The device Vulcan 5000 has been used on a trial basis since the end of March to treat the coolant of our gas laser. On the 12th of December the company coherent GMBH checked the laser tubes for lime deposits on the ceramic surface. No lime deposits were detected, therefore, it is in all a positive result.

Beijing University of Chemical Technology electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconBeijing University of Chemical Technology

Due to the shower head scaling problem in Changping student dormitory in Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the water was getting reduced after a month, and the shower head was blocked completely after 2-3 months. We installed 2 Vulcan to test. After 2 months, no scale was found on the shower heads, only saw a thin layer of white membrane, and it was easy to remove.

spokan school descaler

blog heading iconKitchen of Spokane School

The Vulcan unit installed on the entire building system has also been extremely effective. No more rusty water after weekends and Christmas break. The next Vulcan will be installed on the other school buildings, which are around 20 – 25 years old.

Rehoboth Christian School uv water filter

blog heading iconRehoboth Christian School: The Only Alarm Today is the School Bell

Set on 10 acres of farmland in the tiny community of Copetown, Rehoboth Christian School is home to nearly 400 students, and serves grades from Kindergarten through grade 12. For years, the school treated their well water using chlorine, but in 2013 they decided to eliminate chlorine from the drinking water and made the switch to UV. We chose the Vique Pro10 because it was the "Cadillac of all systems".

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