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LEED Platinum Green Building certification vulcan mineral scaling descaler

blog heading iconPlatinum Green Building Certification from LEED

Energy Complex has been awarded the highest level of Platinum Green Building Certification from LEED (Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design) for energy conservation, harmonious coexistence of industry and the environment and optimal utilization of resources.

RM Fitness Centre eco friendly hardwater descaler

blog heading iconRM Fitness Centre

Since late 2007, after we installed the Vulcan S25 in our facilities, according to our customers and maintenance managers, we have significantly noticed the effectiveness of Vulcan in our facilities.

power plant mineral scaling descaler

blog heading iconPower plant heat pump station and the Vulcan X-Pro series

Vulcan X-Pro series electronic mineral descalers were installed in a thermal power plant heat pump station to prevent the scale from reducing the heat exchange efficiency.

Contemporary China Studies vulcan descaler hot water tank energy

blog heading iconThe Institute of Contemporary China Studies

The Vulcan water softener descaler was installed to solve scaling problems inside a boiler connected to the domestic hot water system. Additionally, to also extend cleaning intervals while improving boiler operating efficiency.

Supermal Karawaci SMK Shopping mall removes mineral scaling

blog heading icon4 Year field test of the electronic descaler at a shopping mall.

A 4 year field test of the Vulcan electronic descaler was conducted at a Mall’s cooling towers in Indonesia. During the 4 years no system maintenance was required and the system was not treated with chemicals. Mall administration and maintenance report the prevention of rust in their iron pipes has been an added benefit.

MiTAC Holding vulcan descaler hard water solves scaling

blog heading iconMiTAC Holdings Corp.

MiTAC Holdings installed several Vulcan electronic anti-scale descalers to treat their air conditioning systems.

Beijing Kunlun Hotel vulcan mineral descaler

blog heading iconBeijing Kunlun Hotel

To solve the scale problems for the gas water heaters, the pipes and the shower heads, and also to extend the cleaning intervals, save gas and improve operating efficiency.

Taikang Financial Tower vulcan water softener solution

blog heading iconTaikang Financial Tower

There are 4 heat exchanger systems in the building, which have to be treated. For the business purpose, the hot water supply can not be interrupted. 4 sets of Vulcan S10 were installed to gently clean the heat exchangers and the whole piping system without stopping the machines.

Beijing University of Chemical Technology electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconBeijing University of Chemical Technology

Due to the shower head scaling problem in Changping student dormitory in Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the water was getting reduced after a month, and the shower head was blocked completely after 2-3 months. We installed 2 Vulcan to test. After 2 months, no scale was found on the shower heads, only saw a thin layer of white membrane, and it was easy to remove.

Steinbeis Institute electronic hard water descaler 3

blog heading iconSteinbeis Institute- Center For Environmental Chemistry

This test showed that the tendency to form lime deposits is reduced considerably by the “Vulcan 5000” water-treatment device. In addition, the effect continues for some days after “Vulcan 5000” has been switched off.

Cooling Tower Cost Savings with Vulcan 2

blog heading iconCooling Tower- Cost Savings and Physical Water Treatment with Vulcan

Under 1 year, with the Vulcan treatment it has already cost less than full chemical treatment

Yanchang Petroleum group uses Vulcan descaler

blog heading iconYanchang Petroleum Group descale minerals in facility cooling towers

The Yanchang Petroleum Group uses the Vulcan mineral descaler to improve energy efficiency on their circulating water cooling towers.

Bodega Marine Lab electronic hard water descaler

blog heading iconUniversity of California Davis and Bodega Marine Laboratory

Electronic hard water descaler (Vulcan) has been installed on the main water lines of the Bodega Marine Housing Dormitories and on the cold water pipe of the main Bodega Laborator. 

Barceló Bávaro Palace vulcan treatment scale mineral removal

blog heading iconBarceló Hotel Group - Barceló Bávaro Palace

Before Vulcan S100 was installed in hotel’s main hot water line, the storage tanks had a solid 3 cm thick scale layer inside them and the pumping pressure from the booster set was at maximum while being unable to deliver adequate water pressure to the end of the line hotel rooms.

vulcan electronic hard water descaler clean bathroom

blog heading iconMy wife is very happy now!

For 8 years now I have been wondering how for example taps and safety valves can be kept free of scale and rust, now I know the reason why.

Habitat Suites Hotel vulcan anti scale water softener energy efficient

blog heading iconHabitat Suites

Vulcan descalers are used at Habitat Suites Hotel to extend the lifespan of their water heater, improve energy efficiency and sufficiently heat all the water during peak operating hours.

cable manufacturing plant vulcan mineral descaler 5000

blog heading iconInjection machine at a cable manufacturing plant

To compare the results between the Machine 1 with Vulcan 5000 and the Machine 2 without the Vulcan electronic descaler.

Hotel Marhaba Sousse vulcan removes scale from boilers

blog heading iconHotel Marhaba Sousse

After an eight-week follow-up by us, accompanied by the Head of Maintenance, visual observation on the hot water tank and pictures. We found that the resistance and the walls of the tank were clean. The scale had loosened and fallen off, and it was a friable proof of the effect of the Vulcan treatment.

Yuqiao District Heating Station hard water scale free

blog heading iconYuqiao District Heating Station

Vulcan Descaler is used to solve the scaling problem of heat exchanger in the heating station. Yuqiao district is located in Dalian city, with in total about 160,000 square meters, 1300 households and 3900 people.

Vulcan S100 small

blog heading iconCooling Tower in a Medicine Factory

After Vulcan was installed for some months, the scale in the cooling tower, plate heat exchanger and the pipe become soft; and it can be removed easily with a finger.

Holiday Resort Lombok vulcan hard water scale

blog heading iconHoliday Resort Lombok

Every 6 months the engineering staff had to manually remove scale from pumps, valves, kitchen equipment and from the 102 individual electric hot water heaters. After installing the Vulcan descalers scale was easily flushed out. After a second inspection the units were found to be almost entirely free of scale.

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